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Visible and Infrared Survey Telescope for Astronomy (VISTA)

The VISTA telescope (located at Cerro Paranal, Chile) and the UKIRT telescope (located in Mauna Kea, Hawaii) are two of the most capable infrared instruments for astronomy in the world. The Cambridge As-tronomy Survey Unit carries out the pipeline processing of all the data produced. We receive a constant flow of about 600 GB of imaging data per night. These require careful data processing to convert them into scientific usable products, including instrument signature removal and object detection and parame-terization. After this is done I am responsible of the quality control and assessment of the processed data in parallel to database ingestion (SYBASE and PostgreSQL) prior to delivery to partners and to the world wide astronomy community. I have developed web interfaces for data quality control, analysis and distri-bution. I am also involved in the scientific exploitation and object follow up of objects detected with these facilities.